Dawn Harvey, Closing Coordinator

Closing Coordinator

Dawn Harvey, Real Estate Closing Coordinator

“Dawn enjoys the entire process and works so hard to help our clients close on their dream home and achieve their real estate goals.”
– Carol Audette

Dawn Harvey has been a member of The Carol Audette Team since July of 2011. Dawn oversees the transaction from contract to closing. As the Closing Coordinator for The Carol Audette Team, once a home goes under deposit, she works with the buyers and sellers, lenders, attorneys, appraisers, and inspectors to make sure that all dates are met.

Dawn is quick to respond to people and ensure clear communication with everyone about where things are in the process.

“I am good at multitasking because in this business you have a lot of balls in the air and you need to re-adjust and reconfigure and move things along smoothly. I am good with working with clients and have developed good relationships with the different vendors. They know that they can rely on me to get things done.”

Every member of The Carol Audette Team has their specific area of responsibility and they also work exceptionally well together. “We problem solve together. Because everyone on the team is so good at their job, I am also able to do my job well.”

One of Dawn’s many strengths is her ability to communicate quickly and effectively with everyone involved in a real estate transaction. This is a quality that benefits the entire team. “We are all really good about communicating with our clients, partners, and each other so everyone knows what is happening.”

“Carol is the best boss ever. Carol is great to go to if you need anything. Anytime I go to her with questions, she has the answer. I also really love the people that I work with, my coworkers. We work hard and we also have a good time. It’s fun to come into work.”

Dawn is a native Vermonter who currently lives in Essex Junction with her two cats, Jasper and Max. She enjoys traveling and baking. She is known as the team baker and makes cupcakes, cakes, and pies for all special occasions.

Dawn Harvey can be reached at her direct line at 802-846-8802 or via email at Dawn@CarolAudette.com