Kim Corey, Realtor

Buyer/Listing Specialist

Kim Corey

“Kim brings an analytical and research oriented perspective to our team, which is invaluable. She understands the market trends and helps our buyers and sellers by providing depth and experience.”
– Carol Audette

Kim Corey Joined The Carol Audette Team in 2013 after working in real estate in New York City for five years and in health and wellness for over twenty years. Kim loves the real estate field because of the opportunity to develop relationships with people and help different people achieve their personal goals.

Kim was drawn to The Carol Audette Team because of who Carol is as a person and as a leader. “She is genuine, kind, honest human being and she has not lost that after all these years. She does the right thing by people. She always sees who the client is and what they need. ”

Being a member of this team has been impactful because everyone shares Carol’s philosophy and because of that they have been amazingly successful. Additionally, working with Carol has provided her with the opportunity to learn and grow: “She is like a coach. I want to do well for her. You want your coach to be proud of you and keep giving you the ball.”

Kim credits her success in real estate to several aspects including her ability to be very responsive with her clients and fellow agents. She is also extremely persistent when she needs to be in order to achieve a result for her client. She consistently has the best interest of her clients in mind and works to ensure success.

Kim is also a data person and leverages all available information to work her magic for her clients:

“I like statistics and marketing trends. In today’s market there is no reason not to do your research and really understand the value of home via in-depth research.”

Kim is a Vermont native who is happy to be back with her friends and family in the Green Mountain State. She loves her work as a real estate agent and credits her business acumen to her dad, who taught her how to make people feel comfortable: be easy, and kind, and use humor! Kim and her lovely cocker spaniel, Emma the Dilemma, live locally.

You can reach Kim at (802) 846-9537 or via email at