Free In-Home Presentation

Are you thinking of selling your home? Our free in-home presentation can help!

Carol Audette and her team are equipped to provide you with all of the services that you need to successfully sell your home and move to the next chapter.

To help you understand the value that The Carol Audette Team brings to each homeowner, we will provide a free marketing presentation on how we will market and sell your home.

Request a presentation today!

What is a listing presentation?

A listing presentation is an opportunity for you to learn how The Carol Audette Team will market your property. In this meeting you will get to know our team and how we work together to make your experience as seamless as possible.

What happens in a listing presentation?

A member of The Carol Audette Team will come to your home and meet with you to discuss the key features of your home and how your home compares with properties that have recently sold in your area and other properties that are on the market.

During this meeting, we will share our approach to marketing properties in Vermont. We will review the different marketing tools that we have available to use and how we will leverage them to promote your property. Included in this discussion will be print, digital, and social advertising.

At the end of this presentation, you will understand how The Carol Audette Team works together to get your home sold and how we can help you throughout the process.

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