Selling Your Home By Yourself

Should you consider selling your home by yourself?

As a real estate team that has over thirty years of experience in the industry we advise against selling your home yourself for the following reasons.

While it is compelling to list your home yourself, there is a tremendous amount of work and expertise involved in selling real estate. Here are a few of the tasks that homeowners who tried to sell their home themselves learned were more difficult than anticipated:

Marketing your home:

As a real estate agency, we leverage skilled photographers, copywriting experience, and knowledge of digital marketing to create a comprehensive marketing package and plan that ensures your home is shown as widely as possible in the best possible light. While others can create marketing plans, it is difficult to copy the experience of a real estate team.

Showing your home:

It’s a known industry fact that homeowners are not the best people to show their home. They know way too much about the ins and outs of how the home got to where it is today to show it to someone new. Home buyers are trying to see themselves in each house they look at which is more difficult to do when the homeowner is showing the wall where the kids’ measurements are or the updated kitchen.

Contract negotiations:

Often Realtors are negotiating contracts with other Realtors that they know and have worked with for years. They have a rapport and can communicate quickly and effectively to get the best deal for their client. When a homeowner is the one negotiating, you lose the valued connection and the experience negotiating. Homeowners can potentially lose a prospective buyer because they don’t know how to negotiate effectively.

Closing details:

Realtors have teams of people and partners who can step in as the experts throughout the process. Nowhere is this more evident than in the closing phase of a real estate transaction. Understanding all of the legalese of selling a home is essential to a smooth transaction. Homeowners often experience more difficulty during this phase if they do not have the experienced guidance of a real estate team supporting them.

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